"All it takes is 20 Minutes Just Twice a Week to be stronger AND healthier." - Leo Hamel

Leo's Fitness Lab, our revolutionary private gym, is the LEAST expensive and MOST effective personal training in San Diego! Combine top of the line computerized technology with highly personalized training to SAVE time, and see our scientifically proven results, fast.

Start Your Health Journey Today.

San Diego Best Trainer 2022

Solve your fitness problems at Leo’s Fitness Lab

Personal training designed to help you CRUSH your goals and reach your MAXIMUM potential.


Utilize the ultimate scientifically proven
method to achieve your desired results.

Our computer-controlled technology will tailor each workout to your individual capabilities. People of all ages and fitness levels can safely benefit from this revolutionary training technique.

With our revolutionary new technology and nutritional guidance, you can reduce your body fat levels and build muscle in a fraction of the time that you’d spend at a conventional gym.


Get the benefits of hours at the gym
in only 20 minutes with our high-tech
personal training methods.

With our revolutionary new technology and nutritional guidance, you can reduce your body fat levels and build muscle in a fraction of the time that you’d spend at a conventional gym.


Get one-on-one private personal training
and nutritional coaching using our
advanced technology and personalized diets.

Receive individual training, personalized to you and your goals! We’ll be with you every step of the way to help you stay motivated towards achieving the body you’ve always desired.

Our technology


Medical-grade instrument measure your exact body fat and muscle make-up.

Scientifically track your weight loss results
week over week.

Testing only takes 5 minutes! 


Computer-guided personal training tuned to your specific age & strength.

Compete week over week with yourself, not others.

Maximize your workout in the least amount of time with optimized and target workouts.


Time-saving High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) made easy.

Decreases recovery time & reduce soreness.

Benefit from 4 fitness technologies in a 20-minute workout.


The most advanced method in cardio-metabolic assessment helps you meet your goals.

Determine precise training zones & nutrition plans.

Test only takes 10 minutes!

The Gluteator

Innovative bi-directional glute resistance workouts made easier.

Target the gluteal area with little to no pressure on your back or knees.

Tone & strengthen your glutes regardless of your age or fitness level.

Get personal training at our state-of-the-art
workout facility San Diego

Just one 20-minute ARX workout at Leo’s Fitness Lab yields the same results as 3 hours of weight training at a conventional gym. Add in one 21-minute Vasper session and you’re done for the week. Our highly tailored combination of one-on-one personal training, high-efficiency equipment, and nutritional guidance ensures you’ll achieve the body you’ve always desired, in the way that suites you, and your lifestyle, best. Optimize your time, and your workout, here.

Push yourself to reach your highest potential at the best workout facility in San Diego.

Leo’s Fitness Lab is a full-scale, ultramodern fitness laboratory that helps you reach your fitness goals. Before you know it, you’ll already be on your way to a better, healthier you. Our facility offers the latest technology to deliver our clients real results safely, efficiently, and in half the time of a conventional gym! In today’s fast-paced world, you don’t have time to spend and hours, and days of your life. at the gym. Now you can redefine the way that you work out at Leo’s Fitness Lab. 

Personalized exercise that’s effective and safe for everyone.

Whether you’re a lifelong health guru, or just beginning your physical fitness journey, Leo’s Fitness Lab has something to offer for everyone. No goal is too big, or too small, to conquer here in our facility. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or simply improve your overall health, our innovative technology highly sophisticated and tailored so that it’s safe for anyone ages 10-100. Even individuals rehabilitating from injury can benefit from this groundbreaking approach to exercising. Our technology is so tailored that elderly customers who would seek out classes like silver sneakers to help recover from injuries are coming to our facility to build vital muscles in a safe way.

Customized personal training for maximum benefits, right here in San Diego

Everyone has unique setbacks can affect the progress of their fitness journey. Because of these unique challenges, goals, and mentalities, it’s important that you have a workout plan tailored to your specific needs and features. Your personalized workout plan will be tailored just for you by using state-of-the-art fitness equipment in combination with the guidance and assistance of your highly qualified personal trainer. 

Save time using our science-based workout at the best exercise facility minutes from your home.

Your exercise plan will take significantly less time than traditional workouts, yet yield better results. While you’re training, a computerized monitor records your performance in real time and allows you to compare the gains from your last session. Unlike traditional exercise, 95% of our clients see visible improvement week-over-week. Whether you want to increase your strength or lose weight, you’re just a few steps away from starting the journey to your best self.


Vasper is my force multiplier tool to achieve optimum fitness, sleep, and vitality without overtraining. I get the benefit of 2 hours of intense exercise in just 21 minutes of low impact workout. The core cooling aspect of Vasper enables me to fully recover in 10 minutes while delivering more oxygen to my body and brain. I love my Vasper, and it’s now a regular part of my priming routine for success.

Tony Robbins, World-Renowned Business Leader & Speaker

When I can replace 2 1⁄2 hours of cardio with 21 minutes of work, without needing to shower afterward, all the barriers to exercise drop away. Plus, it works even better. I totally love my Vasper!

Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof

Unlike a traditional weight training machine that requires you to adjust the weight with pins or plates, there is no need to set the resistance while using ARX. Instead, the machine applies opposing resistance in direct proportion to what you are producing at each moment in time throughout an entire rep. The entire effort for that one single set to failure is then measured and displayed by the software in real time.

Ben Greenfield, NYT Best Selling Author & Triathlete 


 By appointment:
*Appointments can be scheduled outside of these times with advance notice.
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