Top Tips on Low Impact Workout for Seniors in San Diego

Staying active as a senior is crucial for enhancing both your mental and physical health. However, when deciding to take up a fitness routine, it’s crucial you choose the right type of activity. It should be suited to your personal goals and physical condition. Generally, it’s advisable that seniors improve strength and balance through low impact exercise. If you’re ready to work on your physical fitness, you should consider joining a low impact workout for seniors in San Diego.

As one of the best exercises for seniors, a low impact workout is a great way to get started in a senior program. Of course, there are a few considerations to take into account before moving forward with your fitness routine. Seniors should always make sure to properly prepare for getting back into shape, especially if they’re experiencing some health issues or any physical limitations.

Workout for seniors how to improve strength and balance as you ageWorkout for seniors: how to improve strength and balance as you age?

Even young individuals sometimes struggle with maintaining their balance, let alone seniors with underlying health conditions, back problems, muscle loss, etc. This is why many seniors who’ve lost strength and can’t keep their balance are often reluctant to engage in different activities, take long walks, or even move.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with this fear of tripping and falling. It has been shown that seniors can not only improve their balance and build strength, but also enhance their stability, confidence, and autonomy.

However, to achieve this fitness objective, you first need to see how good your balance actually is and take the necessary steps to improve it.

Balance and strength improving tips

Here are a few suggestions on how to improve your balance:

  • Test your balance first. There are several different types of tests that allow you to assess your balance. For instance, the wall-sit test will help you see if you can lean against a wall in a sitting position, assessing your lower body strength, endurance, and balance. You can also use balance tests later on to keep track of your progress.
  • Stay active every day. You should stay as active as possible, taking every opportunity to move around. You should take short walks daily, stroll with your friends along Ocean Beach, or get off the bus a few stops early and walk the rest of the way home.
  • Get some help. If you haven’t been active for a while and you feel too weak or exhausted to work out on your own, make sure to get someone to help you. Aside from working out with a friend or family member, contacting a professional trainer can provide you with invaluable benefits.
  • Use a balance device if needed. Using a walking stick or a cane can help you regain your mobility and independence if you’ve been inactive for a long period of time.
  • Exercise regularly. To enhance your strength and maintain balance, it’s important you work on this as frequently and regularly as possible. Try exercises such as sit-to-stand and lunges for balance and leg strength, wall pushups for arm strength, one-legged stands, heel-toe walk, etc.

What is the best low impact exercise for seniors in San Diego?

Low impact exercise is more suitable for seniors than high impact workouts since it doesn’t require you to exert yourself, but still offers great perks. This type of workout will teach you to listen to your body and engage in activities that can truly benefit you.

Whether you want to increase your muscle strength a bit or simply stay active, low impact exercise is definitely the best choice, especially if you’re just starting out. By engaging in such activities, you’ll reduce the risk of injury while working out. You’ll also be able to make the most of your low impact workout for seniors in San Diego.

Top low impact exercises for seniors

What is the best low impact exercise for seniors in San Diego

First things first, low impact exercise isn’t the same as low intensity since it still enables you to reach your target heart rate. There are several beneficial low impact activities you should try:

  • Walking is an important form of exercise that won’t put too much pressure on our back while still enhancing your whole-body physical condition. Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes that will give you enough back support for your walks.
  • Swimming is one of the best activities for people of all ages, especially for seniors. It’s also considered to be a “no impact” type of exercise due to water buoyancy. Seniors with back pain, joint pain, arthritis, and the like will find this form of workout truly enjoyable.
  • Stretching on a regular basis can greatly help with joint or muscle weakness and range of motion. By stretching regularly, you’ll be able to lower the risk of injury, boost your blood flow, and prep your body for more active exercises.
  • Chair exercises are also a great option for the elderly. They can help you enhance your muscle tone, strength, range of motion, etc. These exercises are particularly suitable for seniors who have balance problems since they offer great support and stability.
  • Yoga offers so many physical and mental health benefits while still falling into the category of low impact workouts. Improved coordination, enhanced stability and balance, increased flexibility and muscle strength, and reduced anxiety are just some of the perks yoga offers.
  • Personal training with an experienced instructor is another great form of safe workouts for seniors. Although this is actually a way of working out rather than a type of exercise, it can still be customized to focus on low impact activities while providing you with professional assistance.

Join the best low impact workout for seniors in San Diego at our fitness lab

Seniors across San Diego are welcome to join the low impact workout programs offered at our advanced Leo’s Fitness Lab. Discover all the benefits these sessions can provide and make the most of working out with a highly qualified personal trainer.

At our fitness center, you have an opportunity to work out using innovative gym equipment in the company of the leading instructors in the area. We are here to create senior-friendly workout plans that will target your particular needs and help you achieve desired results. Visit us today and start improving your strength and balance!


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