40 Minutes a week Adds Years to Your Life HIIT

40 minutes a week could add years to your life HIIT

Why Waste Time While Regaining or Adding to Your Fitness?

HIIT training stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It is a training protocol that alternates short bursts of vigorous exercise with short rest periods. It is performed continuously for 10-30 minutes. Activities can include sprinting, biking, or jumping rope.

A recent study showed that six minutes of HIIT training a week was equal to SIX HOURS of normal aerobics. And another study found that training like this, even later in life, reduces the risk of deadly stroke in half.

Most people do not realize that HIIT can ALSO be performed with weight or resistance training. One does one set to temporary muscle failure, and then weight training becomes HIIT. You would use a heavy enough weight that you cannot finish the 8th, 9th, or 10th repetition.  If you can finish the 10th, the weight was not heavy enough for you to get the life-changing benefits of HIIT.

In As Little As 20 Minutes Twice a Week

ARX, Adaptive Resistance eXercise!

We use the ARX Computer-Controlled Weight Training machines. these deliver BOTH HIIT aerobic training (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) weight training sessions, all in just TWO 20-25 minutes per week.

We deliver both aerobics and anaerobic (weight training) in the same session.

The computer-controlled ARX machines constantly match the right weight for you, second by second, so you achieve HIIT benefits in one set per body part.  

The below is the 100 year old technology, wastes time!

Old Fashioned Weight Training

Even More Benefits to HIIT

There are even more benefits of HIIT. Yet another new study shows that participating in this type of training for just 20 minutes a day can add about nine years to your life. Other studies have shown as few as two 20-minute sessions can give you 90% of the benefits of longer sessions. Five or six sessions a week are old-fashioned. Now two 20 minutes sessions are enough. Particularly if the TWO are intense enough.

The study found that when looking at the muscle of older HIIT exercisers compared to younger, they were unable to tell a difference. Those that did HIT types of exercise have the same muscle fibers as younger people.

While incorporating HIIT into your daily life may seem daunting, it isn’t. Working with a professional personal trainer can help you to build up to your maximum performance safely.

Why Waste Time

Our Unique System: ARX

At Leo’s Fitness Lab we understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Our professional personal trainers will help you learn to incorporate HIIT into your Routine. Both gradually and safely. Working with a trainer will give you someone to hold you accountable. They will help you understand your limits, and provide that extra motivation. This may be exactly what you may need to change your life.

What is your health worth? And how healthy do you want to be during the last nine to ten years of your life?

A quote I heard recently says it best. “If you want to be awesome at 80, you must be above average at 50!” It is never too late.

Interested in personal trainers or HIIT training? Contact us by clicking here.

Leo Hamel


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